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I want you to realize that memory is knowledge. Memory is the stepping stone to thinking, because without remembering facts, you cannot think, conceptualize, reason, create, contribute. There is no learning without memory.

But, for whatever reason, even though excelling in high school and college requires A LOT of memory work, there is no viable training given in how to best remember large amounts of information.

The course I offer will teach you systems of memory that will give you the incredible advantage of being able to remember anything you want to remember in less than half the time it takes you now, retain it for as long as you like, and retrieve it whenever you need it.

People that I have tutored have doubled or tripled their test scores and their GPA using these systems. Applying them will make life much easier for you, and will enable you to learn/remember facts when you hear or read them the first time –  in or out of the classroom.

Learning these memory systems will truly give you that extra edge. You won’t have to study for hours every day in order to have it. You won’t need tutoring; you’ll know your work right away, when you originally hear it or read it, when you first study it. You won’t have to cram at all.

Doing what you are doing right now – reading – is all you need to be able to do in order to learn and apply my systems of trained memory. 

Although the course is aimed primarily at high school and college-level students, that does not mean that the systems and techniques aren’t a great help to younger students. I have taught the basic methods to middle schoolers that improved their their test scores and set them up for success with the more advanced methods in the system.

Let’s look at this honestly – all knowledge is based on memory; there cannot be one without the other.

Scientific research has shown that there are optimal ways that the brain remembers. But, they are not intuitive. They have to be learned and once learned can produce a phenomenal memory.

I’m not suggesting that memory is a substitute for understaning, application, or experience. What I am saying is that most students WASTE too much time trying to commit to memory the information they need to do well on tests. My approach GREATLy SHORTENs that time which allows MORE TIME AND MENTAL ENERGY TO BE SPENT ON UNDERSTANDING, SYNTHESIZING, ANALYZING. Rather then spending hours reading and then rereading the same information, once these memory systems are learned, reading the material ONCE is all that is required to remember it. Now the hours that would have been wasted rereading can be spent more productively in truly UNDERSTANDING the material at a deep level.

These memory systems allow students to get over the hump of memorizing material, that ordinarily boring, time-consuming drudgery, so that you can more quickly – amazingly more quickly – get to the nitty gritty: the understanding, learning, applying, creating, thinking, reasoning, contributing! And still have more free time then they ever had before.

My memory systems will make your understanding deeper,  your learning capacity  larger, your joy of learning keener. The thrill, the enjoyment, that goes along with learning in this way will stay with you all your life. I guarantee it – if you start applying the systems as you learn them.

You’ll learn systems that are unlimited in scope, that can be applied to any kind of information, at any time, under any circumstances.


Educators may think this is just rote learning and that understanding concepts are important, not memory. But one thing is for sure…you better remember them because what use are concepts if you can’t remember them

The point is: What you don’t remember, you might as well not have learned.

All education is based on remembering. I know of no high school or college subject that doesn’t require lots of memory work. Tell me what studying means if it doesn’t mean memorizing. Knowing how to remember is, alongwith knowing how to read, the core of learning and education.

Schools do not teach  students how to remember quickly, easily, definitely, thoroughly, creatively and imaginatively. I do because I can.

Memory is power! Without memory, no knowledge can exist. You can rapidly develop your memory to a phenomamenal degree if you have a sincere desire to do so.

No learned skill can be so easily or dramatically developed as the memory.

U7You are about to discover that you can increase your memory power to a phenomenal degree using 10 steps. They will make it possible for you to rapidly learn and remember virtually anything, no matter how complex the information may be!

You will start slowly and then expand to more complex applications.

Achieving results with the well-organized, dramatically effective learning systems you will learn will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It will also be one of the most exciting and enjoyable. Additionally, you can use the techniques for the rest of your life.

Trust the system. I promise you will be very pleased with your results.

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